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Technology Worldwide (TechWW) is a blog published by Shaked & Co. It provides periodic information and perspectives of interest to the international technology and business communities with respect to developments in technology law, licensing and intellectual property. Writers include S & C attorneys as well as guest contributors. TechWW does not provide legal advice.

Patent Licensing Basics

If you have obtained a patent for your invention, congratulations! A patent, however, is only the “raw material” used to generate revenue from an invention. The amount of money you can actually generate from the patent depends in large measure not only on the patent itself, but on the licensing deals you negotiate – assuming…
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Who Owns that Jointly Developed IP?

Who Owns that Jointly Developed IP? Technology has enabled large scale global R&D collaboration among companies. Tools designed to support physically disbursed working groups and the availability of cloud based processor-heavy tasks such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) have made it easier than ever for companies to join forces to develop new products, technology, and intellectual…
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